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Product name:mobile phone remote control
Product size: 125*32*32mm
(Note: Please allow for slight differences between data and manual measurements.)
Applicable platform: IOS/Android
Connection method: physical buckle
Battery capacity: 50mAh
Working current: 7mA
Standby current: 2uA
USB interface: Micro USB, only for charging (normal model has no USB interface)
Applicable models: mobile phone thickness 6.0-13.0mm
Pulse gear: four gears
1. Lightweight, wireless remote control for mobile phone PUBG
2. This game remote is expandable and adjustable
3. Use for a long time
4. It will improve your reaction time in the game and win countless firefighting battles.
5. This remote control is suitable for most shooting games, such as Fortnite, Cod, PUBG, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, etc.
6. This is the best choice for you to choose this tablet and mobile game controller to enjoy the game!
Package Included:
button *1
User Manual*1
(Note: There are two options: normal button type and pulse type. Normal type does not support pulse function. Please confirm the type of product you want to buy before purchasing.)
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    rosdy ajena

    Mobile phone pubg remote control

    Humayoon Ghulami today I receive my gamer live controller

    Hi everyone today I received my tiger game controller really really it’s perfect the best control gamer for iPhone thank you so much 😊

    This is your product shipping information, it may take a while before it can be delivered to your home

    Service provider order number: LF054631889SG

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    Australia (AU)

    Customer order number: 7550202021111700004357

    2021-11-25 17:48:00 Australia/Send overseas
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    2021-11-21 15:52:42 Shenzhen, China/From facilities to service providers.
    2021-11-21 03:52:31 Sha Tin / Shipment arrives at the facility and measured.
    2021-11-21 03:52:31 Shatin/4PX delivery.

    Hamed Habawie

    I haven't received my order yet I order 2weeks ago

    This is your product shipping information, it should be delivered to you soon

    Service provider order number: LG754246195GB

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    Germany (DE)

    Customer order number: 7550202021101500008915

    2021-10-26 07:21:41 OFFICE UNKNOWN/Departure from Outward Office of Exchange
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    2021-10-19 05:26:07 ShaTian/4PX picked up shipment.

    Bushra al-hadhrami
    I want my money back

    I got my order and It is not working properly I want my money back , The right button works but the left button doesn't .
    I email you and no one is answering .
    Is that why u make offer !?

    Please provide your order number to our customer service staff at the time of purchase, they said you did not buy the product in our shop

    Abdula Haj
    Kuwait has a hand controller

    I haven't received the package yet

    The data has not been updated, I will consult the logistics company next Monday and I will reply to you

    Service provider order number: RF765426159SG

    4PX-S small package registration

    Kuwait (KW)

    Customer order number: 7550202021042600012511

    2021-05-06 11:21:00 KWKWI/Despatched to overseas
    2021-04-30 23:30:59 HK/Hand over to airline.
    2021-04-30 09:03:00 /Information Received
    2021-04-30 08:31:30 Shenzhen,China/Depart from facility to service provider.
    2021-04-29 04:38:16 Shenzhen,China/4PX picked up shipment.
    2021-04-29 04:38:16 Shenzhen,China/Shipment arrived at facility and measured.