Fengfan mobile phone controller gamepad controller handle bluetooth connection

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Product selling point:

1. Bluetooth connection, one move to defeat the enemy.

2. Precise positioning, one-key trimming

3. Match touch, long battery life

4. Expand the field of view, small and light

5. Solve the problem of slippery hands and sweaty hands, and the physical joystick brings a smoother and more refined walking experience

6. The mobile game joystick supports Apple and Android, and you can enjoy the game experience after installing the connected device.

Android 11 and above systems do not need an adapter cable. Like the Apple version, an adapter cable is required for Android 11 and below.

7. Press the shoulder button/joystick to trigger the one-button combination.

8. Support most mobile games that need to be moved.


1. Support system: Android, iOS13.4-latest system, Android supports eating chicken smart pressure gun, universal for mobile phones and tablets

2. Bare metal size: 65*50*38MM Bare metal weight: 41g

3. Packing size: 143*102*44MM

Weight with packaging: 127g

4. Box size: 60pcs/ctn 44.5*31.5*30CM 8.4kg

Product List:
With handle + data cable + manual + transfer cable

Special reminder: Apple mobile phones do not need adapter cables, Android phones need adapter cables to connect

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Can i know when is going to come my product pls

Generally, it takes about 15 to 20 days for transportation, please pay attention to the latest logistics and transportation situation on the website


I did not receive
Help me plzz

Still in transit, please be patient

Service Provider Order Number: RF766347545SG

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Saudi Arabia (SA)

Customer order number: 7550202022080200000443

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2022-08-03 02:08:22 ShaTian,DongGuan/4PX picked up shipment.
2022-08-03 02:08:22 ShaTian, DongGuan/Shipment arrived at facility and measured.


Hello its already above to 2 months I cannot rec my oredr and u said check tha local area. I checked there they said return the item plz check where is my order and give me correct place grom where i get. This is my tracker number RF761339468SG

It has been delivered to your country for a long time, please contact the local service provider and check the service provider's tracking number
Query URL: http://tracking.moc.gov.kw/english/
Customs Tel: Kafan: (+965) 484 1914


Hello I cannot receive my order now its above to 2 months. This is my tracking number RF761339468SG

This is your package information. The track shows that it has arrived at the local area. Please contact the local area for verification, and then ask them to deliver it for you as soon as possible.
Query URL: http://tracking.moc.gov.kw/english/
Customs Tel: Kafan: (+965) 484 1914
Order number: RF761339468SG
Package Status: Shipping Too Long
Country: Singapore -> Kuwait
2022-07-26 10:33 Kuwait, KUWAIT MAIL SORTING CENTER, Send item to domestic location (Inb)
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2022-05-23 09:13 Kuwait, EMS OFFICE OF EXCHANGE, Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
2022-05-18 22:05 Singapore, SINGAPORE S06, Send item abroad (EDI-received)
2022-05-18 06:13 Singapore, SINGAPORE S06, Insert item into bag (Otb)
2022-05-23 09:13 Arrival at Processing Center (Country code: KW)
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