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🎁 The Perfect Xmas Gift For Any Gamer

Our Story😍

  • We come from a group of game lovers. From the beginning we were just rookies, but in the end we became professional gamers. We know that every player has been chased and killed many times by masters, so we decided to do something aimed at ordinary players.
  • Our game triggers are designed for ordinary players, so they will not be easily killed by the enemy. In the past few years, we have developed game triggers with different appearances and different functions for different groups of people.
  • Once put on the market, it was immediately praised by countries and regions. We must use professional technology and equipment to win every game!

Happy Customers


I like that they are smaller than other ones I bought; but seem to be brighter. I also like that you can use just one controller for all of them verse having to use each controller for each light


The order process is easy thanks to the friendly images and filter. And the support team is da best.


I am very happy. Good quality!


I thought shipping time would gonna be so long, but impressively, my tent is arrived in just 2 days. Very nice.